Система измерения веса 70 BS

70 BS

Intermercato's success is based on its track record.
Intermercato Intelligent Weighing Systems is the only line of scales legal for trade for hanging loads in motion and RTT&E certified.
Your success starts here.
Intelligent weighing - Advanced algorithm calculates the weight

  • Measuring range: 7 000 kg
  • Legal for trade certified 0402-MID-495201
  • Temperature compensated
  • Can easily be adapted to fit any crane and rotator
  • Easy installation. Delivered pre-calibrated – ”plug-and-play”
  • High resolution load cell. Several strain gagues for optimal accuracy
  • Integrated motion control
  • Wireless
  • Extra high capacity battery - up to 1200 crane hours
  • Long range radio – 50 m secure transmission
  • User interface: Flexible Android app comes pre-installed in a rugged IP 67 Android smartphone or tablet. A more simple app to control overload is also available
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