Система измерения веса 50 SHV

50 SHV

The legal for trade certified crane scale from Intermercato
Intelligent weighing - Advanced algorithm calculates the weight

  • Measuring range: 5 000 kg
  • Legal for trade certified 0402-MID-495201. (Intermercato is the only line of scales legal for trade for hanging loads in motion and RTT&E certified)
  • Temperature compensated
  • Easy installation. Delivered pre-calibrated ”plug-and-play”
  • High resolution load cell. Several strain gagues for optimal accuracy
  • Hook and Schackle from Gunnebo
  • Integrated motion control
  • Wireless
  • Extra high capacity battery - up to 1200 crane hours
  • Long range radio – 50 m secure transmission
  • User interface: Flexible Android app comes pre-installed in a rugged IP 67 Android smartphone or tablet. A more simple app to control overload is also available
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